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    Printer Fix it Microsoft

    This is a brief article about a free slow pc fix. Reduced computer efficiency can really impact your performance as a computer user. Often you will find that your computer is dragging you down, making you slower and causing a lot of frustration in the process. Because so many people feel so strongly about this I decided I should write an article addressing the problem.

    The first thing that most people think of when they consider slow computer performance, is the physical components of the machine, including the memory, processor and hard drive. New computers on the market turns out faster processors, memory and hard drive, but this does not explain how an old computer which was once running quite fast can start running slowly as time goes by. There is no reason at all for the processor or memory to slow down, and the hard disk can become a bit slower as it becomes full of unnecessary data, but this is really easily fixed just by deleting the data that is not needed any more. It’s definitely a good idea to upgrade these components if you want a better performance from your computer, but if your computer has slowed down there something you should fix first of all.

    As most people are unaware of the inner workings of the operating system, they will be unaware that there was a database within the operating system which can have a big impact on performance. This is the Windows registry, which is a very important database storing information concerning the settings that your computer needs in order to run properly. Basically, it’s this information which allows these different components to work together in order to make your program is run properly. Reduced efficiency is often the effect of incorrect information within the registry, leading to conflicts between software and hardware that should not exist.

    Due to the sheer size of the registry, which can run into hundreds of thousands of individual entries, there is nobody in the world who has the knowledge to be able to spot at a glance the incorrect values which are causing the difficulty, which is why it’s impossible to manually check for errors within the registry except in certain specific cases. Also, there is a very real risk that you could destroy your operating system by adding incorrect values into the registry by accident, which would stop the computer from working as it would no longer be able to communicate between the hardware and software that makes up the system. All in all, manually editing the registry is best used for specific purposes, like activating hidden features of certain programs, and even then only by power users who know exactly what they are doing.

    So just how does this assist the regular computer user who’s trying to find windows xp running slow fix? They now exist computer programs which are able to automatically clean up the Windows registry getting rid of these errors for you. These programs are designed to scan through the registry and find any errors which have developed over time, and then to remove them and replace them with the correct settings. It is possible for a computer program to do this because it is able to draw upon a large database full of information about the correct settings that should exist within the Windows registry, which enables it to find the incorrect entries rapidly. As it is these incorrect values which have caused poor performance in the past, fixing them will result in a massive boost of performance which you should be able to notice immediately.

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