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    How to Fix my Printer

    There are numerous kinds of problems or issues in all the PCs today. We cannot apply the same fix to resolve all sorts of issues. This is very much possible that for an issue a fix is good and on the other hand this may cause problematic for another feature of function. This is also very regular as we may see this with different security programs or PC Tools nowadays. Sometime it is also seen few security programs obstruct windows essential services or even remove an application program partially or completely. I have tried to answer the question about how to fix my PC with some important steps or points below. These points can also be applicable for enhancing the windows performance.

    Run windows basic tools and utilities: – Windows is very rich with tools and utilities. There are thousands of such utilizes that are very useful to run and they are very effective if you run them. Windows is capable enough to repair itself from any failure. Commands like checkdisc, sfc /scannow are such beautiful and powerful tools in any version of windows system.

    Use updated security software: – Many times it is observed that the security software you have installed in the PC are not updated and create many issues such as taking high CPU usage etc. Uninstall them if this is a case with your PC. This is a great trick or step to fix my Slow PC issues, especially slow PC and freezing problem.

    Defrag your hard drive after a certain interval: – If you are using your computer for a long while and you did not perform defrag to your hard drive, it might be slow and can display some error messages.

    Defrag is also a very powerful tool to increase total PC performance to fix PC issues.

    Unload startup items: – Nowadays every PC vendor follows a common practice that when software gets install in the PC it lists in startup as well. Due to this practice startup list becomes very heavy and consequently slow computer. You may just go to the msconfig windows and select startup tab and disable all or selected items from the list. Note- Please does not disable your wireless connection if you are using wireless connectivity for the Internet connection.

    Increase pagefile size: – This is the secondary place from where a system takes memory whenever it needs more memory to run huge applications.We may say that The Windows page file is a temporary area of memory that your computer uses to move files around while it processes functions.  Basically, it’s a buffer that your computer uses for wiggle room.  If your Pagefile is too small, your operating system won’t have sufficient room to move about and you could end up with poor performance and error messages. Thus you can increase this pagefile size.

    Check CPU usage: – If your CPU usage is very high no application can run smoothly or it will be very slow. Check if CPU running normally or not? Ordinary 10% of CPU usage is normal.

    Clear temporary and prefect files: – Remove all the temporary and prefetch files from your PC. They unnecessarily occupy memory in the PC and affect your PC’s performance.

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